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Corporate Organizational Structure 

Finance Division 

Mr. Yahya Yousef AI-Matrouk 
General Manager

DR. Yousef Y. Al Matrouk 
Commercial Division 
Mr. Jasim Al Mohana 

Contracting Division 
Mr. Saeed Al-Zaher 
Administration Division 
Mr. Mohammed Y. AlMatrouk 
Foreign Trade Division 
Mr. Soud Y. al Matrouk

Legal Division

Mr. Mohammed Hosny 


MR. Fotoh Mohamed

Commercial Division: it includes all trading activities undertaken by the company as well as supply and importation of scientific instruments and sales of the same to trading companies. 
Contracting Division: it comprises foremen and supervisors of contracting works as well as engineers to complete different contracting contracts assigned to us. Finance Division: Finance Manager is responsible for all financial and banking matters related to the company including our transactions with banks and creditor and debtor companies. 
Legal Division: Legal Advisor is responsible for drafting contracts and corporate letters and handles the company relationships with third parties including organizations and corporations. 

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