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YAHYA YOUSEF AL-MATROUK established several businesses since 1979 till presen. he entered into many contracts in different fields of contracting including but not limited to (building contracting, thermal insulation of roofs, advertising and publicity, scintific instruments and training and maintenance thereof, general cleaning for governorates and buildings)


MR. YOUSEF YAHYA AL-MATROUK has in-depth experience in trade activities and academic knowledge, as he is graduate from FLORENCE UNIVERSITY in ITALY in ITALIAN literature. He obtained the master degree in advertisements and media from FLORENCE UNIVERSITY, and He Ph.D. from Gulf University from Bahrain. He established trade and contracting business since 1990 till date and is in charge of foreign commercial relations with companies

Commercial Manager:

Mr. MOHAMMAD YAHYA ALMATROUK is engaged in business since 1995 and established, with CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD MR. YAHYA YOUSEF ALMATROUK , several businesses operating in different trading and contracting activities.He is responsible for logistic in the company as he handles provision of all corporate needs for experienced technical labor in all contracting works, provision of transportation services from and to workplace and accommodation, and processing residency permits for labor.

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